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The party host is responsible for notifying all guests about the 8 & under rule. See full rule guidance below.

All children under the age of 8 that cannot pass the Swim Test must be accompanied by a paying adult at all times. Lifejackets are available for use, but an adult must maintain an arm’s length away from the child at all times. Maximum of 2 children per adult.

  • 50% of the private party rental cost is due when making a reservation. Private rentals must be paid in full one week prior to the scheduled rental. If unpaid, the rental will be canceled by phone notification. (PRIVATE PARTIES)

  • 100% of the payment for the party pad is due to the Cheyenne Aquatics Center when making a party reservation (REC SWIM PARTIES)

  • Rec Swim Party Only: The reservist is responsible to pay for the entire reserved headcount on the day of the party

  • A $25.00 cancellation fee will be assessed if not notified 72 hours prior to the party being canceled.

  • We will attempt to personally notify you via email if your party is canceled due to weather or other circumstances. You will be notified as soon as we know about the cancellation. You will have two options: you may reschedule the party for a later date or you may select a full refund (refunds take 2-3 weeks.)

  • The party must be cleaned up and the reservist and their party must be out of the building by the end of their reserved time slot.

  • All areas where food is present from the party must be cleaned by the reservist, including all trash cleaned up and food removed from tables, chairs, and deck area. All trash must be bagged and taken out to the dumpsters. A $50 charge will incur for any areas not found to meet the cleaning standard on the rental agreement.

  • Decorations will not be permitted to be taped, glued, tacked, etc. to any wall or structure-property of the CAC. Tabletop décor only will be allowed. Confetti is prohibited. The renter is responsible for the total clean-up of the reservation area. A $50 or more charge will occur if any prohibited decorations are used or if decorations cause damage to the facility. If any prohibited decorations are used, you will be asked by a Supervisor to remove the decorations immediately and Management will be notified, and proper charges will be billed to your account the next available business day.

  • Food is permitted on the party pad areas only. Recommended food items are cake, ice cream, cupcakes, pizza, sub sandwiches, etc. Remember you must clean up the entire area according to our guidelines to avoid cleaning fees.

  • No electricity outlets are provided. You will not be permitted to plug in any device on the pool decks. This includes, but is not limited to: cotton candy machines, bubble machines, popcorn machines, projectors, cell phones, tablets, hot dog warmer, etc

  • There will be 3 picnic tables provided on the party pad. The table seats approximately 8 people. No outside chairs or tables are permitted to assist in disease control on the pool decks.

  • This form must be read and signed prior to the rental date.​​



                   FACILITY RULES

1. All children under the age of 8 that cannot pass the Swim Test must be accompanied by a paying adult at all times. Lifejackets are available for use, but an adult must maintain an arm’s length away from the child at all times. Maximum of 2 children per adult.

2. Persons using prescription medication should consult their physician before using the pool.

3. No persons suffering from communicable diseases, such as infections, open sores, athlete’s foot, transmitted via the water, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall use the pool.

4. No person shall run or engage in horseplay, pushing, or dangerous activity in or around the pool.

5. Personal toys will be allowed at the discretion of the lifeguard or supervisor on duty.

6. Items not permitted on deck include street shoes, glass or ceramic containers, food (outside of rentals), drinks, chewing gum, tobacco products, and electronic/vaping smoking devices.

7. Do not hang on ropes or play with safety equipment.

8. Diving is only allowed in water at 9 feet or greater depth.

9. Report all accidents to the lifeguard on duty.

10. Smoking and alcohol are prohibited in the entire facility.

11. The lifeguard on duty has the final say on any activity that is deemed dangerous to participants.

12. Any person creating a disturbance or vandalizing property will be required to leave the facility and will be prosecuted by the City of Cheyenne.

13. The emergency number to the facility is 911.

14. This is a family facility; profanity and excessive PDA will not be tolerated.

15. No floatation devices except for appropriately sized lifejackets will be allowed in the lazy river.

16. Children under 48 inches will not be allowed to use the slides.

17. Children over 8 must use the age-appropriate locker room or the Cabanas. 18. The climbing wall and low diving board are not open at the same time. Lifeguards on duty will rotate the use of these features during the recreational swim.

19. All patrons must wear proper swim attire.

20. Do not climb up the slides.

21. Do not run in shallow water.

22. During respective break times, the shallow water must be clear as well.

23. Do not hang on rails or walk along the lazy river wall area.

24. Do not go under the play feature.

25. If the facility rules are not being followed, patrons will be asked to leave the facility and no refund will be issued. 26. The pool staff is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.

27. Only one person on the slides or diving boards at a time.

28. Swimming area must be clear before sliding, climbing, or diving.

29. Only one bounce is permitted on the diving boards.

30. You must slide feet first down the slides.

31. Two people may be allowed on the rock wall at a time with lifeguard approval.

32. Spray Park Only: No climbing on rocks.

33. Spray Park Only: No food or drink outside the picnic tables.

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