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     Session 1:  Sept 6th - Sept 30th 

     Session 2:  Oct 31st - Nov 18th 

     BREAK: Nov 21st - Nov 25th 

     Session 4:  Nov 28th - Dec 16th

     BREAK: Dec 19th - Dec 30th 

NOTE:  Winter Session begins Jan 2


Fitness Schedule



Unique & Versatile!

This class utilizes a pole with a base that anchors to the bottom of the pool.  There is a combination of 20 grips and 150 exercises that can be used to work on toning the arms, shoulders, abdomen, and legs.  Don't worry, not all grips and exercises will be used in each class!


Cardio & Muscle Toning!

An intense aqua workout in shallow water that will utilize different forms of aqua training, such as intervals, plyometrics and power moves to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, strength, and flexibility.  The use of Equipment will also be incorporated periodically.

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Pool Tiles


Shallow Water Full Body Workout!

A low to medium intensity water aerobics class, with low impact, where no swimming skills are needed.  This class is designed to improve flexibility, range of motion, strength, muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance while using the resistance of the water to cushion the feet, knees and back.  Equipment will be incorporated periodically.


HIIT Meets Water

High intensity interval training (HIIT) alternates short periods of intense exercise with less-intense recovery periods.  Participants use maximal effort for 20 seconds and recover for 10 seconds for 8 rounds of work.  Some of the proven benefits are increased metabolism, fat burning, weight loss and improved cardiorespiratory fitness.  Add the resistance of the water and you also benefit from improved muscle tone.  This class is a work at your own intensity and is appropriate for all fitness levels.

Swimming Pool
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Indoor Water Cycling!

Aqua Spin is an indoor cycling class format that takes place in a pool. Participants get on stationary bikes that are submerged 3-4 feet of water, and they are required to pedal against the resistance of the water. In this class you will stand up, sit down, cycle fast, cycle slow, swing arms to the left and right with added equipment for toning. Hard work? Yes. Big Benefits? Yes! Water shoes are a requirement for this class!


Tone and Stretch

Toning and strengthening is what you will have the potential to accomplish in this class.  Your flexibility may show signs of improvement as well as overall just feeling better.  This is a low intensity class that does utilize equipment to help target specific muscle groups.  This is also a great class if you are just starting your fitness journey!  Also great for those recovering from surgery.  Leave feeling refreshed, stretched, and energized!

Swimming Pool
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Non-Impact Cardio & Muscle conditioning!

This water fitness program is held in the diving well of the pool and provides a no-impact workout.  Participants will use flotation belts and styrofoam barbells to perform a variety of motions including water walking, abdominal work and toning exercises.  You may find that overtime your range of motion increases and you feel less pain in those joints!


Deep Water Full Body Workout!

Beginners and experienced - take the plunge!  Deep water exercises guaranteed to challenge your body, your core muscles, and your stamina.  With the use of a buoyancy belt, you will be encouraged to work at your full potential to receive a full-body workout with no impact to your joints.

Pool Tiles


Non-impact full body workout

This water fitness program is held in the diving well of the pool and provides a no-impact but challenging cardiovascular workout.  Participants will perform a variety of motions to help in raising that heart rate and giving an over all body workout.  This class is designed to burn fat and increase cardiovascular fitness, range of motion and muscle tone.  Special equipment can be used to increase resistance, strength and overall conditioning.  Floatation belts are provided.