Our Fitness Programs

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     Session 1:  Sept 7 – Oct 1

     Session 2:  Oct 4 – Oct 29

     Session 3:  Nov 1 – Nov 19, no classes Nov 22 – Nov 26

     Session 4:  Nov 29 – Dec 17, no classes Dec 20 – Dec 31

Zumbini Fall Session:  Sept 10 – Oct 29


Aquapole Toning

Unique & Versatile!

The Acquapole Toning program utilizes the resistance of the water, the use of music, and the unique acquapole to improve all the components of fitness. It tones arms, shoulders, abdomen, and legs. Acquapole Fitness involves 20 grips and 150 exercises using those grips. A unique, versatile class suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Limit of 8 participants.

Aqua Mix

Cardio & Muscle Toning!

The focus of this class is primarily developing cardiorespiratory conditioning and muscle toning. Workouts include a full body workout, with equipment. The water provides less strain for your joints, while you build up your heart muscles. The class is a medium to high intensity level in shallow water.

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Pool Tiles

Aqua Exercise

Shallow Water Full Body Workout!

This format of exercise provides you with an overall body workout in the shallow water. This is a medium intensity workout, using water and equipment for resistance, toning muscles, and increasing endurance. The workouts include static stretching exercise, with emphasis on moving through a normal range of motion and basic aerobics.

Aqua Tabata

HIIT Meets Water

The format of this class incorporates high-intensity interval training. It alternates short bouts of high-intensity moves with less intense recovery periods. The water offers added resistance and reduces impact to the joints. You can use this as your personal form of exercise to build endurance and raise metabolism or as a cross-training for athletic land-based performance.

Swimming Pool
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Aqua Spin

Indoor Water Cycling!

Aqua Spin is an indoor cycling class format that takes place in a pool. Participants get on stationary bikes that are submerged 3-4 feet of water, and they are required to pedal against the resistance of the water. In this class you will stand up, sit down, cycle fast, cycle slow, swing arms to the left and right with added equipment for toning. Hard work? Yes. Big Benefits? Yes! Water shoes are a requirement for this class!

Aqua Toning

Focused Muscle Toning!

A class designed to improve mobility through a series of stretching and strengthening exercises, performed in shallow water. It utilizes equipment and water resistance to help tone specific muscle groups. This is a low intensity class with little cardiovascular endurance.

Swimming Pool
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Deep Water Walking

Non-Impact Cardio & Muscle conditioning!

This is a full body workout, a combination of cardiorespiratory, and muscle conditioning. Conducted in the deep water, participants can increase range of motion using non-impact movements. Walking in water works your upper body equally as hard as your lower body because water gives all of your submerged muscles 12 to 14 times the resistance of air. Flotation belts are provided.

Deep Water Mix

Deep Water Full Body Workout!

With this class you will participate in a full body workout while in the deep water. You may use buoyant equipment to keep you afloat. Equipment will also be used in some classes to help with body strengthening. There will also be stretching involved to tone those muscles! Do not forget that cardio! Come join this evening class for a fun, full body workout to end your day!